I Ruined Skeppy’s Video

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"Seaside Junction" by Jimmy Wahlsteen


  1. Technoblade

    TechnobladeMonth ago

    this video counts as the 5 mil hand reveal PLUSHIE LINK: youtooz.com/collections/technoblade

  2. light saber king

    light saber king20 days ago

    Phoenix sc did a vid about wrong bed crafting

  3. random

    random24 days ago

    If your not comfortable with it there's no need sir techno

  4. Bossatron 9000

    Bossatron 9000Month ago

    May we equip the plane with anti orphan weapons

  5. Draconic_Dreamz

    Draconic_DreamzMonth ago

    I got a plush!

  6. Tidal

    TidalMonth ago


  7. 9Fresh

    9Fresh18 minutes ago

    Better than the dream smp videos

  8. Adan Flores

    Adan FloresHour ago

    Techno hot

  9. Edawg

    EdawgHour ago

    Techno blade is a god he is so much better than everybody

  10. Noli Vinluan

    Noli Vinluan5 hours ago

    Phoenix SC made a video on this.

  11. Jac0bisHere

    Jac0bisHere5 hours ago

    Cant he just climb with the water (some word correcter wants to make climb climbs)

  12. sonic, Shadow and tales

    sonic, Shadow and tales6 hours ago


  13. Chase Brown

    Chase Brown8 hours ago

    *"Ruining my friend's content for content"*

  14. Kagiso Tefu

    Kagiso Tefu8 hours ago

    Techno :Don't plant these outside I've tried myself Me:why no try again

  15. Maple Planet

    Maple Planet9 hours ago

    Next dream smp member Techno's little sister? she would be a great addition another anarchist

  16. EscCraft0

    EscCraft09 hours ago

    Of course it’s 10 minutes long

  17. Ryan the Awesome99

    Ryan the Awesome9910 hours ago


  18. Theodore Burkett

    Theodore Burkett11 hours ago

    that was so cheap XD

  19. JBs Adventures

    JBs Adventures11 hours ago

    14 14 14 14 14 14 14

  20. FP Studio

    FP Studio12 hours ago

    Techno: I’m a good guy Meme: are u sure about that..

  21. isaiah rojas 324

    isaiah rojas 32412 hours ago

    6 mill æ

  22. OmniAdam 07

    OmniAdam 0714 hours ago

    we troll da diamond

  23. Gianinna Medina

    Gianinna Medina15 hours ago

    it so cute the technobblade plushie :O

  24. Questionable Spy

    Questionable Spy17 hours ago

    We need more normal uploads ;-;

  25. Moon lord

    Moon lord17 hours ago

    If you want zoom, install Optifine, default keybind is Y. I think, I use copyright version of MC

  26. William Kim

    William Kim17 hours ago

    Why do you like potatoes?

  27. F A Y S A L

    F A Y S A L18 hours ago

    Guys guys techno didn’t ruin skeppy’s video, Techno’s in his video

  28. JinjuStar

    JinjuStar19 hours ago


  29. JinjuStar

    JinjuStar19 hours ago

    0:03 100:00

  30. Alison Sheppard

    Alison Sheppard20 hours ago

    Ruin sleppy day

  31. Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos20 hours ago

    Who’s here in 2021?

  32. morio x

    morio x21 hour ago

    Congrats technoblade 4 6m subs!

  33. Janice Denolos

    Janice DenolosDay ago

    Can you do a face reveal

  34. Holy Kui

    Holy KuiDay ago

    His face is in the vid he make about cooking 5 years ago

  35. The MyParkLock

    The MyParkLockDay ago

    6M pog

  36. RotatingKitchen953

    RotatingKitchen953Day ago

    6 MILL

  37. Bigfoot4Cool

    Bigfoot4CoolDay ago

    Skeppy's the grown up version of that one kid on Hypixel that accuses everyone of cheating when he dies.

  38. Random Videos

    Random VideosDay ago


  39. Random Videos

    Random VideosDay ago

    your duel vs dream... you used hax and you still lost on some rounds 1v1 me you wont

  40. Cool Dolphin

    Cool DolphinDay ago

    Planted a techno potato and got a tree

  41. OK-aleb

    OK-alebDay ago

    When are you gonna upload

  42. The Archer

    The ArcherDay ago

    “I would betray my country for confetti.”- Technoblade 2021 Try communism

  43. Emma McBride

    Emma McBrideDay ago

    0/10 plushies weren’t big enough

  44. Oliver Payne

    Oliver PayneDay ago

    6 M LETS GOOO!!!!!

  45. Jana D.

    Jana D.Day ago

    You hit 6 mil, now upload another video

  46. Outspoken Sky

    Outspoken SkyDay ago

    Congrats on 6 mil

  47. Wojtek Górka

    Wojtek GórkaDay ago

    Tommy passed u in subs lmao

  48. AHMAD QB

    AHMAD QBDay ago


  49. Name YouTube

    Name YouTubeDay ago

    The best block in the game no its not command block its sand or gravel or gravity blocks

  50. Name YouTube

    Name YouTubeDay ago

    The best block in the game no its not command block its sand or gravel or gravity blocks

  51. Maria Cinco

    Maria CincoDay ago

    hey tecknoblade pive me yo tediber

  52. Irene Schmid

    Irene SchmidDay ago

    Why does skeppy not know how to craft a bed

  53. rubbish ducky

    rubbish duckyDay ago


  54. why

    whyDay ago

    congrats on 6M WOOOOHOO

  55. tmkoc fans group

    tmkoc fans group2 days ago


  56. pointThink

    pointThink2 days ago

    Will you 1v1 kingoros?

  57. Lil Woozie

    Lil Woozie2 days ago

    Technoblade: my last youtooz sold out in 23 hours Technoblade's new technoplane: 23 hours is nothing, i sold out in 2.34 seconds

  58. Hydrateurself XD

    Hydrateurself XD2 days ago

    TECHNO your so close to 6 mill I just noticed

  59. Michael Deeley

    Michael Deeley2 days ago

    6 MIL POG

  60. Joker ff

    Joker ff2 days ago

    Porco rei ttkers vão saber oq eu estou falando

  61. Socratic

    Socratic2 days ago

    Technoblade: "Cause ima good guy!" Also Technoblade "I DROPKICKED THAT CHILD IN SELF DEFENSE!" "*Has the orphan obliterator*"

  62. Revon

    Revon2 days ago

    Sleepy failing to make a bed had me lmao

  63. Aljover Ian Flauta

    Aljover Ian Flauta2 days ago


  64. João Lima

    João Lima2 days ago

    imagine if skeppy posted that video it would be like 20 seconds

  65. Jeffrey Lastname

    Jeffrey Lastname2 days ago

    i like how at 8:47 techno had blocks in his offhand but he stil switched his hotbar slot to build

  66. Ryan Thomas

    Ryan Thomas2 days ago

    Minecraft but skeppy gets owned by bots

  67. ixStar

    ixStar2 days ago

    So Technoblade * 0= Technoblade

  68. Programming Kid

    Programming Kid2 days ago

    Jan 19 is my birthday

  69. Mergen Studios

    Mergen Studios3 days ago


  70. Pain_is_a_ Dead_meme

    Pain_is_a_ Dead_meme3 days ago

    Techno make merch please

  71. Sofia chilin

    Sofia chilin3 days ago

    I like your vids that I watched you on the school computer

  72. MattsLegoChannel

    MattsLegoChannel3 days ago

    Mine skeppy


    SUPREME_GAMING3 days ago


  74. MatthiasStyle

    MatthiasStyle3 days ago

    Use optifine pls

  75. Sil Bil

    Sil Bil3 days ago

    @Technoblade techno did u know that ur face got revealed in ur video called “USloft sent me a thing”

  76. Sil Bil

    Sil BilDay ago

    @The FBI true just completely true

  77. The FBI

    The FBIDay ago

    @Sil Bil na he did one in his beating Minecraft with a steering wheel steam and he really doesn’t care

  78. Sil Bil

    Sil BilDay ago

    @The FBI I think he didnt do the face reveal intentionally tho but still FACE REVEAL

  79. The FBI

    The FBI3 days ago

    He did a face reveal already but he doesn’t like to have a face cam

  80. ezekiah mokili

    ezekiah mokili3 days ago


  81. Doomnibbler

    Doomnibbler3 days ago


  82. BulletBruh Gaming

    BulletBruh Gaming3 days ago

    He should have taken the snowballs. That would be fun...

  83. julius4312

    julius43123 days ago

    snowballs don't do kb in java 1.16

  84. ghufran tariq

    ghufran tariq4 days ago

    wow techno 4 vids in one month you really have shocked me i was expecting like 500 livestream and 2 videos in this year

  85. Pineapple

    Pineapple4 days ago

    He actually made a side ways bed lol

  86. Static Strip

    Static Strip4 days ago

    Seeing him in hypixel makes me miss his hypixel commentary

  87. LilEpidemic

    LilEpidemic4 days ago

    Make more videos

  88. Fernando S

    Fernando S4 days ago

    Tommy is more subs careful

  89. Bethany Ray

    Bethany Ray4 days ago


  90. Crazed Fart

    Crazed Fart4 days ago

    Next vid I killed skeppy

  91. ThatOneRandomBookNerd

    ThatOneRandomBookNerd4 days ago

    Skeppy: *depression* Technoblade: *sabotage*

  92. Daniel Smolensky

    Daniel Smolensky4 days ago

    did skeppy just actually fail to craft a bed?

  93. Awetome

    Awetome4 days ago

    "I typed so fast they are making me do an anti cheat"

  94. Jaden Vizeacoumar

    Jaden Vizeacoumar4 days ago


  95. cool guy

    cool guy4 days ago

    Sand is god

  96. Jarne

    Jarne4 days ago

    technoblade you are my favorite minecraft youtuber, i watched some of your bedwars videos and i got a bit better thanks to you

  97. Cniko

    Cniko4 days ago

    HELP ME my debug/ f3 screen is missing the coordinates and my biome plus the light level. If anyone knows how to fix this pls help me and reply to this comment

  98. Cniko

    Cniko3 days ago

    @julius4312 ya but.I fixed it now

  99. julius4312

    julius43123 days ago

    are u playing java??

  100. Jashawn Whyte

    Jashawn Whyte4 days ago


  101. LkzFallansg

    LkzFallansg4 days ago

    Yo techno u have tiktok?

  102. iiUnicornGirlii

    iiUnicornGirlii4 days ago

    Remember me, Techno? And yeah I also have MINECRAFT

  103. KripPlayz

    KripPlayz4 days ago

    0:33 :O A HAND REVEAL?! It looks the dreams foot reveal lmao

  104. Dave Timothy

    Dave Timothy4 days ago

    Skeppy: Got killed 4 times and cheated to kill technoblade Also skeppy: *I win*

  105. Casey Weight

    Casey Weight4 days ago

    he should rename this "skeppy being a child for ten minutes"

  106. B4nnsR

    B4nnsR4 days ago

    Русские вы где

  107. Ken Emilio

    Ken Emilio4 days ago

    Future episode video : skeppy is dumb and not able to craft a bed

  108. Spades

    Spades4 days ago

    Technoblade has a superpower, Ultimate knockback but no one can knock him back.

  109. Egnition

    Egnition4 days ago

    Ngl I got really excited about the techno plush, until I realised it got sold out... :(

  110. Jadyan LaFosse

    Jadyan LaFosse5 days ago


  111. fries and cats

    fries and cats5 days ago

    I love how techno ruins skeppys video, then makes it his own video


    XANDER TOM5 days ago


  113. Aesthetic Chipmunk

    Aesthetic Chipmunk5 days ago

    I'm in love with the blue hairs on the fyp yet but I don't know what you think about it and it's attachments if any sus of the time to get to the park road elementary school will be so kind of like a day or two so I can I have a great day and night 🌃

  114. Aesthetic Chipmunk

    Aesthetic Chipmunk5 days ago

    Technobladen never dies bAbYY